Stafford Education Association

It as an honor to once again receive the recommendation of the Stafford Education Association! My commitment to our students and the schools has been a core priority for me for over a quarter of a century. While we have made progress over the last several years, there is much more to do. Working together we can address our county’s needs.

Harry Crisp

Harry Crisp has a reputation as a man of character and of commitment to Stafford. His service as the George Washington District Supervisor was one of many accomplishments. I can not express how his endorsement of my campaign has touched me.

Cindy & Ken Lamb

“We respect Tom’s commitment to his constituents to shape Stafford’s future the way they want it. He is in touch with the people and listens to them. Tom’s integrity is well proven by the honor and respect civilian leaders give you outside the boardroom. We admire that he does things like ride alongs, taking food to our first responders, not out out of need for elevation or power, but out of true caring and compassion. I know of no other board member in any county whose heart is that pure.” – Cindy and Ken Lamb

Gary Snellings

Linda Musselman

Rebecca Chung

“I have always known Mr. Coen to always stand on the side of justice and truth. He has been known to have hard conversations and listen with respect and dignity, caring for all he meets. When I had the privilege of working with Mr. Coen during various projects he was always willing to be a fair leader in the face of conflict. He is a voice of reason necessary in moments of debate and deliberation, willing to put the needs of his constituents first always. I know he will lead the George Washington district and Stafford with the strength and knowledge needed to make progress for future generations.” – Rebecca Chung

Laura Lacy

Laura Lacey is a former SCPS educator, Germanna professor, Marine Corps historian, and Marine Corps mom.